teaching your dog how to catch a frisbee

Many dogs like to play with Frisbees, though most dogs don’t know how to catch a flying disc. With a bit patience and also the following steps, you and your pet will learn to do this fun and rewarding activity. This already assumes your dog is aware of the way to fetch a ball or similar object. If not, begin with Teaching a Dog to Fetch. It conjointly assumes that you simply know how to throw a disc. If not, begin with Throwing a disc Backhand and Forehand.

Older Dogs

1. Buy a minimum of two dog discs. Human discs (“frisbees”) will injure your dog. explore for the brands Hyperflite, Hero or Aerobie. These discs are specially designed to cut back risk of injuring your dog. There are discs for harmful dogs (the Hyperflite Jawz) and soft floppy discs also (the Aerobie Dogobie). The Flippy Flopper may be a soft cloth disc offered at the most pet stores. The Kong Flyer is additionally a decent alternative.

2. Get your dog to induce excited regarding the disc by associating it with terribly positive things. For example.
A. Use the disc as a feeding dish for per week.
B. Rub hot dog on the disc and praise your dog for going once it.
C. Play tug gently with the disc. continually let your dog win.
D. Don’t rip the disc out of your dog’s mouth.

Reward any behavior that shows “drive” to induce the disc. this suggests that notwithstanding your dog jumps up and grabs the disc out of your hand while not watching for you to supply it to her, this is often positive. Never tell your dog to ‘DROP’ the disc. continually use a second disc to stimulate your dog to drop the one in his mouth, on his own. Remember, continually encourage your dog’s drive to possess and acquire the disc.

3. Throw “rollers”. rather than throwing the disc within the air, throw it in order that the disc rolls on the bottom sort of a wheel. This helps your dog transition from winning a ball to retrieving a disc. Dogs like to chase discs this fashion. It helps them learn to “target” the disc and choose it up.

4. Throw the disc within the air and alternate with rollers. Begin with short, slow throws, and be terribly careful to avoid striking your dog with the disc. within the starting, your dog can possible let the disc hit the bottom before retrieving it. it’s going to take one hundred or a lot of throws before your dog grabs it out of the air for the primary time. Be patient.

5. Encourage your dog’s drive to induce the disc. Eventually your dog can get wont to the flying disc, learn the way to trace it within the air, and eventually will need the disc therefore badly (“DRIVE!”) that she won’t want to attend for it to drop to the bottom and can instead grab it out of the air. this is often the instant you’ve been waiting for! Congratulations, you currently have a Disc Dog.

6. Prepare to be astonished.

Young Dogs

1. Teach grabbing. Bend over slightly and hold disc in your hand, horizontal to the bottom, at the peak of the dog’s mouth. Then let him grab it together with his mouth whereas you’re still holding on to that. Say “drop it” then take the disc from his mouth instantly. currently praise the dog gracefully by locution “good boy (girl) and repeat the method {again|once a lot of} a couple of more times.

2 Teach running and grabbing. currently do the precise same exercise, solely move your body in a very circle faraway from the dog, keeping it at the peak of the dog’s mouth. because the puppy grows, you’ll be ready to get up whereas doing this exercise.
Image titled Teach a Dog the way to Catch a disc Step nine

3 Teach jumping and grabbing. currently that you just are standing up, hold the disc a bit over the dog’s mouth and horizontal to the bottom, therefore he should jump up to grab it. once a moment, unleash the disc right before your dog jumps up to grab it. attempt returning a circle with this exercise also.

4. Advance to the steps on top of for older dogs. If you’re coaching a young pup, you’ll have to be compelled to repeat all the on top of repeatedly before it’s able to chase the disc.

Follow these steps and your dog will be a master in no time flat.