how to Pressure or Power wash

After some time, a garage can start to look messy, grimy and worn. Consider pressure washing the concrete floor for a new, clean look.

Here are the steps necessary to pressure wash a concrete garage floor.

Clear garbage and overabundance earth or residue from surface utilizing a floor brush. The initial phase in power washing a garage is to clear dirt and debris from its surface utilizing a floor brush. This will also stop any loose material, for example, little stones, to mess up the pressure washing.

Protect Exterior Walls and Doors – Cover walls and and entryways with plastic sheeting and painter’s tape. This will shield entryways and dividers from free flying dirt and debris from pressure washing.

Read the steps relevant to your particular power or pressure washer. Each is extraordinary and may require unique set up and or preparations.

Ensure proper cleaning by splashing concrete with jug of shower degreaser, and then keep a distance of 6″ from surface when using the wand. Scrub degreaser into the surfaces utilizing a firm brush or pressure washer attachment.

To start with, select tip assigned for washing, regularly named “cleanser.” Then fit properly at head of the wand.

Connect the provided pressure-washer hose and wand to pressure washer. Next, connect 50-foot garden hose to pressure washer’s water supply, and then turn on water.

Insert the siphon tube, usually provided with and joined to pressure washer, right into the detergent holder. When pressure washer is started, the detergent will be sucked into the water stream.

Wear safety gloves, and keep a steady distance of 6 to 18″ from concrete. Work your way to and fro in a smooth, controlled way, covering each stroke by 6 to 8 inches. Let detergent sit on surface for 5 minutes.

Change detergent tip to pressure tip and then go over area, making sure not to miss any spots. The high pressure along with the cleaning agents should provide you with a clean garage. If there are any dirty spots when you’re finished, you can go over them again or mix up some concentrated cleaner and apply it to the remaining stains. Let it sit as long as you can before pressure washing it off.
Your concrete floor should now be clean.

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